We are a socially-driven Inventory Management System dedicated to the Global Collector markets. We offer a unique solution to maintain, value, organize and share your collection with fellow collectors

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about us

we are global


Imagine being able to find that hard to find or hot item for your collection. We have collectors around the globe who are ready to share their collection

We are collectors


Our Founder has been in the collectibles market for 33 years. He has grown his collection of rare Comic Books and some are offered here

we are social


We promote the sharing of collections on our proprietary Social Network so other collectors can enjoy what you have worked so hard building

we are a revenue source


We provide retailers and corporate customers a source to generate additional revenue streams

we are a valuation tool


Our Patent Pending valuation tool is built on an AI platform with very unique algorithms. Our valuation tool is only available to members

WE have everything


Our global audience of collectors have just about anything you are looking for. We also have a global network of retailers, corporate partners, content partners and dealers to help fill your needs